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Our History

Women's ShelterWomen's Shelter, Inc. was started by and has been sustained by survivors of domestic abuse. It began in the late 1970’s as a task force by three survivors and the Rochester Chapter of NOW who were determined to give other abused women something they didn't have: a safe and secure place to live and help in learning how to live independently. Over the years, Women's Shelter, Inc. has expanded to provide more space to safely house women and children.

In addition, Women's Shelter, Inc. has added children's advocacy, an International Shelter with programming specific to immigrant battered women and their children, Transitional Housing, and a multi-lingual staff. We also have satellite offices in Dodge, Fillmore Olmsted and Wabasha Counties. Women's Shelter, Inc. continues to grow and adapt to the needs of our community while following our mission and vision for a domestic violence-free future.

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Who we Serve

In 2013, we housed 155 women and 135 children for a total of 290 people assisted in both our International Shelter and Main Shelter programs. The average length of stay for women was about 37 days, though many families stay longer depending on their needs. We could not house 386 women due to lack of space, however those women were offered other services such as Orders for Protection and Safety Planning. Our facilities serve a great diversity of women and children. Our families come from many different ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. We also have satellite offices in Dodge, Fillmore and Wabasha Counties. We also have an advocate located at Victim Services in the Olmsted County Government Center.

We have served families from around the world, due to our close proximity to the Mayo Clinic. Domestic Violence can happen to anyone regardless of their educational background, financial status, race, or country of origin.

If you need assistance, please contact us at:

Women's Shelter, Inc.

PO Box 457
Rochester, MN 55903

(507) 285-1010 Crisis Line
(507) 285-1938 Business Line
(507) 287 0553 Fax Line


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